30 May 2014
Crisis communications and the CEO - By Jim Preen.
These days, CEOs have to be visible in an emergency. If the media feels they’re hiding, questions will be asked. Why’s she not taking responsibility? What’s he got to hide? Part of the problem for...

23 May 2014
Businesses ‘slow’ to address cyber risk exposures
by CRI | 22 May 2014 Businesses are still “slow” to understand the mounting need to address their exposures to cyber risk, research by Aon has found. The cost of cybercrime in Australia now...

16 May 2014
Crisis Leadership Lessons From the Great Antarctic Explorer – Sir Ernest Shackleton
Sir Ernest has been called "the greatest leader that ever came on God’s Earth, bar none" for saving the lives of 27 men stranded with him on an Antarctic ice floe for almost two years. The...

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Specialist coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help organisations produce better than expected results. Coaches help people improve their performances. Coaches seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the organisation; they believe the organisation is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach's job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and resilience that the organisation already has.

We have introduced the Coach as a unique part of ContinuityCoach.com to assist your organisation.

What is ContinuityCoach.com?

It is a Business Continuity Management (BCM) system using advanced web based technology for cost efficiency. It is much more than simply a Business Continuity Plan.

ContinuityCoach.com consists of 7 (seven) steps:

  1. Choose YES or NO to whether you currently have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

    If NO go to BCP Input and let the Coach guide you through to BC Plan documentation. This incorporates a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

    - or -

    If YES go to Benchmarking and let the Coach guide you through to a summarised evaluation of where your BCM currently sits as compared to best practice and compliance.

  2. Exercise your BCP using the Coach.

  3. Contact us to apply for your Certification

  4. Display your Certificate when awarded

  5. Maintain your BCP using the Coach

  6. Refer from time to time to the BCI Good Practice Guidelines incorporated into ContinuityCoach.com as they are your best overall reference guide and explain all you ever need to know about Business Continuity Management. This represents international best practice in Business Continuity Management.

  7. Assists your insurance broker when arranging your insurance cover.

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